Welcome to Volumes Of Fun

Volumes Of Fun is the new home for the PolyVox voxel terrain library. If you were a member of our community at our previous location (Thermite3D) then you will already be familiar with PolyVox and what it can do. If not, then you can get an overview of the system here.

There are a few reasons for the new website, domain, and image:

  • Over the last few years we have been developing two related technologies – PolyVox and Thermite3D. Of these, PolyVox shows the greatest potential to exist as a stand alone Open Source system and Thermite3D has increasingly been pushed to the background. The old domain name implied that Thermite3D was the most important component, and this led to some confusion. The new name does not reference any particular project.
  • We would like the option of using the new website to promote and distribute our own games, built on the PolyVox library. This means tapping into the existing interest surrounding PolyVox, and using our Open Source work to promote our commercial ambitions.
  • The new site is more modern and supports a blog, options for Facebook/Twitter integration, etc. These will be useful for promoting the project in the future..

PolyVox will continue to exist as Open Source and will still be actively developed on Gitorious. Thermite3D will also remain on Gitorious, but it faces an uncertain future in that development may tail off.

Over the coming weeks we will be shutting down various services related to the old domain (FaceBook, Twitter, etc) and in some cases opening corresponding services for the new domain. Much of the static information has already been moved across and the forums will also follow.

We would very much like to hear you opinion on these developments, and please report any problems or issues which you find with the new site.