Updating the PolyVox documentation

Lack of documentation has long been a thorn in the side of PolyVox users, and it’s something we’ve been promising to improve for a while now. In particular we wanted to make a special effort before the next release of the library. I’ve spent some time on this over the last few weeks because I’ve been traveling quite a lot and my laptop isn’t really powerful enough for any real development. We’ve uploaded a preview so you can see the work-in-progress documentation for the following areas:

The API documentation for the CubicSurfaceExtractor has also been updated to include more details and diagrams about how it behaves.

Hopefully it is already useful although it is a long way from being finished. We don’t expect to get it all done before the release but we do want to show that some progress is being made in this area. Getting proper documentation in place will be important to improving the accessibility of the library and allowing people to decide if it is the right choice for their projects.

The index pages for the manual and API docs are below but be aware that some of the entries are just stubs:

We’re interested in feedback on how it’s shaping up (you can ignore typos for the moment as we’ll come back to those later) so do let us know if it makes sense, if it’s the right technical complexity, and whether it covers relevant material. Suggestions for the FAQ are also welcome.