High quality render of a Voxelien

There’s more to game development than just making the game, and as we come to the final stages of Voxeliens we have to consider the supporting material which is needed. For the user we need to provide an installer and a manual (not sure if anyone will read it?!) and distributors require promotional material such as screenshots, trailers, and box art. The term ‘box art’ is a little misleading in the digital age but it is still important for catching people’s eye as they scan over a list of available games.

We have already released some of this material, but in addition I recently spent a few hours preparing a high quality rendering of a Voxelien in Blender. This was modeled from scratch rather than using the existing in-game assets, though it wasn’t difficult due to the simple nature of the characters. The lighting took some work though, and in the end it’s entirely lit via ambient occlusion and emissive surfaces for the eyes (i.e. there aren’t any real lights in the scene).

High quality render of a  Voxelien

This image will probably be used for logos and icons, and maybe for the box art too. Alternatively I may model a few more and build them into a simple scene… let us know what you think 🙂