Second Day at Develop Conference

Yesterday was the second (and final) day of the Develop Conference in the UK and once again it was great fun. It was a little quieter than the first day, but this was a welcome break as it gave us more time to talk to people in depth.

We’ve had plenty more people come by to play the game, and you can see one session in action in the picture below:

A visitor to the stand plays through Voxeliens while Matt watches.

Some of the players have been really quite good, with one player in particular getting to level 10 and achieving a high-score of 55470. I’ve never got to level 10 myself and it’s a pretty terrifying place to be! By the end of the conference the high score table looked as follows:

'DTGENT' was the only player to break through the 50000 barrier. Well done!

We also got interviewed by Playr but I kept glancing at the camera instead of the interviewer so I’m not sure if they’ll use the footage. There was no preparation time so I was just making up stuff to say on the spot 🙂 Well, I’ll post here if it does get used.

Although the conference is now over, Matt and I are going to be in the same place until the weekend (we’re usually in different countries) so we hope to sit down and discuss our plans for the future. Stay tuned for more information once we’ve done this.


First Day at Develop Conference

Well, we’re finally here! Matt and I both arrived in Brighton (UK) last night where the conference kicked off with welcome drinks and a screening of Indie Game: The Movie (great film for those who haven’t seen it). There was lots of socializing and it was a good opportunity to meet fellow developers.

We were up pretty early this morning because we had to set up the stand before the conference started. It all went pretty smoothly and I’m really pleased with the Voxeliens poster we had printed. We also had the idea to make a large origami voxelien but this turned out to be too much work. You can see the stand in the picture below:

David manning our stand at Develop

There has been a fairly constant stream of people coming to try the game and most seem to like it. The simple nature of the game seems to work well in a situation where people spend just a few minutes at the booth. Even David Braben (creator of Elite) stopped by to have a look!

Having to man the stand meant we didn’t get to many of the talks though. The only one I went to was a Q&A session with the Steam Team, who were talking about their plans for Greenlight amoung other things. We’re hoping they’ll find time to drop by the Indie Dev Showcase tomorrow.

Anyway, we’re both really tired after the long day and our throats hurt from talking so much! But do come and say hi if you’re around tomorrow 🙂


Voxeliens shortlisted for the Indie Dev Showcase

We’re very happy to announce that our début game Voxeliens has been selected as one of the finalists for the Indie Dev Showcase at the upcoming Develop Conference in Brighton, UK. This means that over two days of the conference we’ll be among the other 9 finalists showing off our game to public, press and industry professionals.

We will be provided with a stand for people to come by and talk to us and play the game on the 11th and 12 of July. So if you’re going to be at the conference please come by and say hello – we’re a friendly bunch 🙂

Out of all the games that have been shortlisted, one will be selected as the overall Showcase Winner and one will be chosen as the People’s Choice via a ballot during the conference.

The Develop conference is one of the largest European game developer and publisher conferences and runs for three days from the 10th to the 12th of July. As well as providing talks and an expo floor for the professionals in the industry there is also a day and a half of talks aimed solely at the indie game developer community.