Working with terrain textures in Cubiquity for Unity3D

Over that last month we’ve been improving the user interface and editing capabilities of our Cubiquity voxel terrain system. In our last video we demonstrated sculpting the shape of the terrain, and the video below shows how you can now paint materials onto the terrain as well.

As you can see, we’ve significantly improved the interface such that it is now quite similar to the one which comes with Unity’s built-in terrain. It offers many of the same features in terms of being able to select brush size and shape, and choosing from a variety of materials which can be painted onto the terrain. You get a similar marker on the terrain showing where operations will be applied and you can change texture settings such as scale and offset.

As always, you can get the latest version of the code from our BitBucket repository.

Overall we’ve very happy with the way this is coming together. At this point I think we’ve implemented most of the features which we want in place for the first release, and so we will now focus on tidying up the code and documenting the system. Then we’ll talk to those nice people at Unity about getting on the Asset Store 🙂