Sculpting smooth voxel terrains in Unity3D

Several months ago we demonstrated that Cubiquity supports smooth voxel terrain (based on Marching Cubes) in addition to the ‘colored cubes’ style voxels which we’ve been showing off more recently. Both of these styles are first-class citizens in the Cubiquity system, and so over the last couple of weeks we’ve started exposing this smooth voxel terrain to Unity3D as well. Here’s a video of real-time voxel terrain sculpting in action:

At the moment it is only possible to sculpt the shape of the terrain and not yet paint textures onto it. We do already support textures in Cubiquity (as seen here) so this will be the next thing which we expose to Unity3D. At that point the system will have most of the features which we want in place before releasing the free version on the Asset Store. We’ll spend a couple of months polishing the user interface and code and then submit it to Unity Technologies for approval.

For those users who are feeling more brave and don’t want to wait for the official Asset Store release, the functionality in the video is already available for testing in our BitBucket repository. You might also want to watch our previous ‘Introduction to Cubiqity for Unity3D‘ video first, and then follow up with the smooth terrain video above.

Hope you like it – feedback is welcome as always!

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