PolyVox 0.2.1 released

As a late Christmas present to you all we’ve just released version 0.2.1 of PolyVox. This is a bug fix release to PolyVox 0.2.0.

This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • A compilation error on VS2008 (commit)
  • One of the sampler peek functions would check in the wrong direction before moving (commit)
  • SimpleVolume and LargeVolume had a problem with negative positions (commit, commit)
  • The LowPassFilter test was using the wrong kernel size (commit)

Apart from those bug fixes there are no new features and so should be completely safe to upgrade to.

You can get the details for downloading the source from the PolyVox download page or download directly from these links:

If you’re following us on Git, the 0.2.1 is now what is represented on the master branch.

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About Matt Williams

Matt is Computer Officer at the University of Birmingham in the UK, providing support and management of computing resources for Particle Physics research. For Volumes of Fun he manages the website as well as looking after the build system, Linux porting and continuous integration for PolyVox. Follow him on Google+.

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