New home for PolyVox git repo

The source code for PolyVox is now located at BitBucket rather than its previous home on Gitorious. There are a few reasons we wanted to move hosting provider. Primarily we wanted an easier way of keeping track of planned features without messy email threads between David and myself and better bug tracking than our current forum-based method.

BitBucket offered everything we needed and since we were already using it for its unlimited private repos, it made sense to move PolyVox there too.

While we will be using the issue tracker to keep track of features and bugs, we will keep using the forum for most discussions. Feel free so submit any simple/small bugs to the tracker directly e.g. for compile errors etc.

To switch your local clone to follow the new repo on the command line just do the following:

# First check where you're currently pointing
$ git remote -v
origin  git:// (fetch)

# Change the 'origin' remote's URL
$ git remote set-url origin

# Now, it should look like
$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)

Otherwise, you can just use your GUI tool to change the repo URL to be You should now be able to carry on doing git pull as if nothing had changed.

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Matt is Computer Officer at the University of Birmingham in the UK, providing support and management of computing resources for Particle Physics research. For Volumes of Fun he manages the website as well as looking after the build system, Linux porting and continuous integration for PolyVox. Follow him on Google+.

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