A new version of Cubiquity for Unity3D has been released

It’s been a quiet few months, but we’re happy to say that a new version of Cubiquity has just landed on the asset store. Version 1.1.3 is primarily a bug-fix release but also adds a few new features such as normal mapping of the colored cubes volumes and an example showing how to build and save voxel databases from Unity scripts.

Colored cubes can now have custom diffuse and normal maps applied. Shiny!

We’ve also tidied up a lot of stuff internally, for example all of our PolyVox enhancements have been merged back into the main develop branch and we have overhauled the Cubiquity build system. Perhaps not so exciting for end users but still an important step as development can move a bit more smoothly from here on.

Licensing is the same deal as before – you can use the system free for non-commercial and evaluation use, or for $200 you can buy a commercial license through the Unity asset store:

Looking forwards, the main request has been for larger volume support and better performance with less memory. In other words, we’re going to put some work into optimization and possibly providing some tools (importers, etc.) to help create the larger environments.

We’ll try not to go another three months without posting, and I think the upcoming changes should give us plenty to show off!

Update 3rd Sept 2014: Version 1.1.3 is now out with collision and physics fixes for smooth terrain. The links above have been updated.

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9 thoughts on “A new version of Cubiquity for Unity3D has been released

  1. Is it normal that the Terrain Volume Collider that comes with the package doesn’t work and that I have to manually place a box collider just to be able to walk around without falling throught the terrain?
    – I used the volume terrain example
    – I dropped a first person controller, made sure to place it a bit above terrain and looked around while zoomed close to make sure I was above the terrain.
    – I check the Terrain Volume object and the Terrain Volume Collider (Script) component is attached to it.
    I’m using the latest free version of Cubiquity. Is that a feature only on the commercial version?

    Also, can you mix terrain volume and cubic terrain so that your users can place cubic blocks of terrain on a volume terrain?

  2. How do I get a commercial version of this. I spent a lot of time learning how to use this and I like it, but now found I can’t use it for my games I wish to sell. And that is a real bummer.

    Kind of a wast of my time to learn it only to find I can’t use it for what I intended to learn how to use it for.

    It is the smooth terrain I liked the most about it. I could not care less about the block terrain.

  3. Sorry I did not see up top. I see $200 for the commercial version.

    However that does not seem to be an option anymore. I got it from the asset store, when it showed it is for free. I don’t see how to get the commercial version anymore.

    And seeing that it is $200 for it, not sure I wish to pay that much for it anyways. I mostly wonted it to help me make some smooth caves, and it works real good for that.

    Too bad it is $200 for the commercial version, and unavailable in the asset store to buy for commercial use anyway, even if one has the money to pay it.

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