Voxeliens in C’t Magazine

We’ve received a fair amount of publicity for Voxeliens, but this is a whole new step! We recently found out that the game has appeared in the German computer magazine C’t, which is the second most popular computer magazine in Germany. According to Wikipedia it has a circulation of 315,000. Printed magazines may seems a little old fashioned in the days of the internet, but it really means a lot to get some mainstream recognition šŸ™‚

Even though I can’t read the article I decided it would be nice to have a copy of this, so I ordered one through their website. A German-speaking friend has given me a rough translation and it seems quite positive. For anyone who’s interested you can see the article below.

The title translates as ‘Cosmic Shooting Gallery’ which sounds cool!

In other news, I put the (hopefully) final touches to the OpenGL version of the shader code tonight, which is a big step forward for the Linux version of the game. I know Matt’s hard at work on that so I’ll let him update you in due course.

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