Desura, IndieCity, Greenlight… Voxeliens is everywhere now!

So we’ve had a pretty busy week! We’d been meaning to add Voxeliens to Desura and IndieCity for a while now and we finally got around to it. But then Valve suddenly launched Steam Greenlight so we had to make a quick dash for that as well. We were very keen to be on Greenlight as soon as it went live because it had an inevitable wave of publicity which we wanted to ride.

So you can now buy Voxeliens through Desura and IndieCity, and these are both very popular indie distribution platforms with a wide range of games. You should probably check them out even if you’re not after Voxeliens. The idea of Greenlight is to eventually get the game on Steam, but there’s still an air of mystery around the process and whether it will achieve this end result. But a vote would certainly be appreciated!

Desura Digital Distribution

I think this more or less wraps up our attempts to push Voxeliens onto distribution platforms. Matt’s had a busy summer between CERN and Fermilab but is hoping to get back to the Linux version soon, and I’ve also got a few loose ends to tie up. One thing we’ve learnt from this process is that making the game is only half the battle… and there’s plenty still to be done after it’s ‘complete’. Still, we do feel that the dust is finally starting to settle 🙂


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