Voxeliens is now open source

Voxeliens is a retro-style arcade shooter and is essentially a 3D voxel-based version of Space Invaders. We released the game in 2012, showed it off at the Develop Conference and have had it accepted for Steam Greenlight. However, as mentioned in several previous blog posts, time is no longer on our side and we are re-focusing our efforts on the next version of Cubiquity.

Therefore we have decided to release Voxeliens for free under the MIT license. It now lives on BitBucket alongside PolyVox and Cubiquity (our voxel engines) and prebuilt binaries for Windows are also provided. It should also be possible to built it from source (including on Linux) but this has not been well tested on systems other than our own.

Download from BitBucket

We put a lot of work into Voxeliens so we are pleased to now be able to share it with a much larger audience. Note that we do still have the option of selling it on Steam in the future (the Greenlight campaign remains valid) but it is not clear whether we will due to the setup, testing, and support required. At any rate, we hope you enjoy the game!

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