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New RawVolume class added to PolyVox
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Author:  David Williams [ Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  New RawVolume class added to PolyVox

Hi all,

I've just commited a new 'RawVolume' class to the PolyVit Git repository. The idea is that this class is the simplest possible - it just stores it's data as a single continuous peice of memory. It doesn't even break it down into seperate blocks.

The main motivation for such a class is as a copy destination. People have talked in the past about making a copy of the data they want to process and then doing this processing on a seperate thread. The RawVolume would be a suitable place to copy your data to because it has low overhead and can be any size (other volume have to be a multiple of the block size).

Personally, I see it as a step towards smooth mesh LOD, as I next intend to add some resampling code which will copy data from one volume to another whilst reducing it's resolution.

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