Credits for Voxeliens


David Williams and Matthew Williams


Background music is from the album ‘Resistor Anthems’ by Eric Skiff, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Eric’s webpage is available at, and the full terms of the license are available here:

Sound effects

All sound effects were obtained from FreeSound ( The following sounds are used by Voxeliens:


The background skybox was used with permission of Alex Peterson (, who created it as a sample for his program ‘Spacescape’.

Software and libraries used

The rendering engine of Voxeliens is built upon Ogre3D, an open souce graphics engine which offers a lot of power and flexibility. Nokia’s Qt toolkit was used for most other aspects of the game including audio and input handling.

We were also dependent upon an number of open source asset creation tools including Blender, the Gimp, Sproxel, Audacity, VirtualDub and MeshLab. These all performed superbly at their respective tasks.

The Voxeliens installer is based on NSIS, a professional open source system to create Windows installers. See for details. We also make use of the Graphical Installer addon for skinning. Please see