Announcing: Voxeliens!

This is a huge day for us… after many months of work we are finally ready to announce our first game. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present: Voxeliens!

Voxeliens is a retro-style arcade shooter, in which you defend your planet from waves of descending enemies. The gameplay is simple and fast paced as you battle your way through different environments using a variety of powerups. If you ever played any classic video games from 1978 then you will feel right at home with the mechanics 😉

The game is expected to be PC only – we will initially be targeting Windows but hope to bring it to Linux and possibly MacOS as well. It will be available for direct purchase through our website, and over time we hope to get it on to some indie game distribution services as well. An exact release date has not yet been decided but it will be early 2012.

For us it is a massive achievement to have brought the game this close to completion, and we really hope you will join us for the final steps of the journey. If you are interested in the game then please follow our Facebook, Twitter, or RSS feeds, and tell your friends about us. You can also join our forums and chat with other members of the community.

We’ll leave it at that for now, so admire the screenshots and ask any questions in the comments below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and may do a follow up post or FAQ if we get enough feedback.

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About David Williams

David is a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, where he is investigating GPU computing. Prior to this he worked in the games industry and wrote graphics/engine code for a number of PC/PS3/XBox titles. As well as making games he occasionally enjoys playing them, and also sometimes gets outside to do some photography.

7 thoughts on “Announcing: Voxeliens!

  1. oh wow, I did not see that coming 😀
    congratz, You already have one purchase for sure from me!
    Always loved invaders, this is the only logical step forward!

  2. Hrm, can’t say I’m all that interested in it as a game to play. I was kind of hoping this announcement would be an open source project to show off your engine and show how its done.

    None the less, congratulations on the release! Hope it goes well for you.

  3. I am a youth interested in gaming, and programming. I have to say this looks like it would be really entertaining! I have been following some of “volumesoffun’s” works and blogs as I am interested in learning about voxels and game development by a group that is doing it firsthand. Apart from that and more focused on publicity, this site took me a few hours to find through internet searching for “voxel games”. It would be cool to introduce this game to my friends. One way i know that many indie games become popular to large masses of people is through the “Humble Indie Bundle” you should check out how to provide your game through them for an initial publicity boost.

    Good Luck with the development!

  4. Thanks guys, we hoped you’d like it 🙂 It’s hard to please everyone of course, and the game won’t win any awards for its plot twists or clever narrative, but it’s good fun blasting though the levels. And although it’s not open source it is providing a valuable test case for the PolyVox library.

    Regarding the publicity – you are right that we are not yet well known. Now that we actually have something to show we will contact indie games sites over the coming couple of weeks and see if we can drum up some interest. Getting in a bundle would be awesome, as would Desura or Steam. I think it’ll be on the website first though, as there’ll be some extra work getting onto these services.

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